4 Signs Your Teen Is Ready for Invisalign

If your teen needs orthodontic treatment, but they’re dead-set against traditional metal braces, talk to your orthodontist about Invisalign. While Invisalign aligners do provide the treatment your teen needs to straighten their teeth, they do so without the visible brackets.

However, before you choose Invisalign for your teen, make sure the time is right for this type of treatment. Here are four signs to help you determine if your teen is ready for Invisalign.

 1. They Have an Active Social Life

If your teen has an active social life – which most teens do – Invisalign may be the best option for their orthodontic treatment. If you’re not sure whether your teen has an active social life, or not, consider the activities listed below.



If your teen has begun to date, they’ll benefit from Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign have no metal brackets to get caught on lips. If your teen has entered the stage where kisses are important to them, cut lips can be devastating.


Social Media

If your teen is active on social media, they probably take their fair share of selfies – not to mention the group photos they probably take with their friends. If the idea of metal brackets makes your teen feel self-conscious about social media activity and photos, Invisalign will alleviate that distress.


Social Gatherings

If your teen participates in social gatherings on a regular basis, chances are good that they come in contact with a lot of food. Unfortunately, food choices are limited with traditional bracket braces. However, when you choose Invisalign for your teen, they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite foods during those social gatherings.


2. They Participate in Sports

If your teen is active in sports, their teeth will be better protected when you choose Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment. Metal braces can cause serious injuries to delicate oral tissue, especially when contact is made with the mouth during active sports play. Not only that, but traditional braces can be uncomfortable when mouth guards are worn during sports.

However, Invisalign dental aligners can be removed during sports so that the mouth guard will fit more securely and more comfortably. Not only that, but for light sporting activities, such as school-time physical education classes, the dental aligners can remain safely on the teeth.


3. They Maintain Their Own Dental Care

If your teen has taken over sole responsibility for their dental care, and you no longer need to provide daily reminders to brush and floss, they may be a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. Because the dental aligners are removable, teens need to be able to monitor their own treatment. When you’re comfortable with your teen’s ability to provide for their own daily dental care, you’ll know that the time is right for treatment with Invisalign.


4. They Are Self-Conscious About Their Smile

If your teen currently receives orthodontic treatment with traditional braces but they’ve become self-conscious about their appearance or their smile, they may be ready for a change. Because Invisalign dental aligners are made from a clear plastic, they won’t be visible when your teen smiles, laughs or talks. The change from traditional braces to clear Invisalign dental aligners allows your teen to show their best smile while they receive the orthodontic

treatment they need. If your teen has reached a stage in their life where orthodontic treatment is necessary, but they refuse to consider traditional braces, Invisalign is the right option for them. If you live in the Cincinnati area, contact us at Beck Pearce Dental. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about your teen’s orthodontic treatment.