Invisalign FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

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  Braces? As an adult? No way, that’s not how you want to have to straighten your teeth! Getting braces is difficult enough when you’re a kid, but it’s even more humiliating as an adult. You want to fix your misaligned teeth… just not at the cost of unsightly metal braces.  Thanks to Invisalign, there’s …

Getting Dental Crowns is Faster Than Ever with CEREC

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Dental problems happen; they’re a fact of life. But when you’ve cracked a tooth or discovered widespread decay in your mouth, the last thing you want to do is wait days or weeks for relief.  Unfortunately, the standard dental crown process makes this long wait time unavoidable. Traditional dental crowns must be placed over the …

How to Choose the Best Tooth Replacement Technique

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When you have severely damaged or missing teeth, you are more likely to experience additional oral health problems, not to mention it can deal a major blow to your self-esteem! When you’re unable to smile with confidence, it makes it harder to form relationships with your peers, especially if you’re always worried about how your …

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