Invisalign Maintenance Tips for New Owners

Invisalign braces are reasonably durable and resistant to a wide range of damage but need regular maintenance to ensure that they last for the duration of your treatment plan. So if you just got your braces and you aren’t sure how to maintain and clean them, the following information will give you the insight that you need.

The Importance of Maintaining Invisalign Braces

 Invisalign braces are an easy, subtle way to correct your dental alignment. These corrective devices use what are known as trays or aligners that fit together based on your teeth’s current and optimal positioning. Their exact design mirrors the perfect arrangement for your mouth. As these braces fit over your teeth (somewhat like a custom mouth guard), they slowly adjust your alignment.

This unique adjustment method makes the cleaning process very critical for these braces. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, food, bacteria, and other debris may easily get trapped between the braces and your teeth. Unfortunately, these trapped items are likely to trigger tartar and plaque buildup on your teeth, which may cause dental damage that your braces may hide from you.

This tartar and plaque buildup can even move past the teeth and get on the surface of the braces. And while Invisalign braces are quite durable, over time they can be worn down by the destructive power of plaque. Thankfully, cleaning your Invisalign braces isn’t too much of a challenge.

The Methods for Maintaining Invisalign Braces

 Invisalign owners need to take maintenance and cleaning steps to ensure that their braces remain strong. The first part of this process is to clean the braces before each insertion. These steps are necessary because they help to kill any bacteria that may cling to the surface of the aligners.

To clean them, rinse the braces off in lukewarm water to wash away any visible debris. Then, you’ll want to scrub the surface with a soft-bristle toothbrush prepped with a small dot of toothpaste and some water. Make sure to pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas of the aligners, such as underneath where they sit on the teeth, to provide a comprehensive cleaning experience.

You should also clean your teeth before you put the Invisalign on top of them, so brush your teeth before each insertion. You may also want to use mouthwash to destroy bacteria. After you brush your teeth, you can then rinse your braces and the inside of your mouth. Insert the braces properly and adjust them so that they sit comfortably.

You should never use denture cleaners on your braces. These cleaners are not designed for this purpose and may seriously damage your Invisalign and force you to get a replacement.

For proper alignment and maximum effectiveness, the braces should be in your mouth for at least 20-22 hours every day. If you do take out your braces for a break, make sure to inspect them for any flaws that could affect their correction abilities or make them less effective.

These problems include scratches on the braces, incorrect alignment caused by strain, and even holes in the surface of the corrective material. While you may be able to spot these issues on your own, you’ll need to talk to a professional dentist to fix them. These experts can not only repair your braces but help with other dental issues caused by poor Invisalign care.

The Available Professional Help

 Sometimes, even with proper care, you may run into a situation where you need professional help with your Invisalign braces. If you need help with your Invisalign maintenance and cleaning procedures, contact us at Beck Pearce Dental to learn more. Our professionals fully understand how to work with your braces and will work hard to ensure that yours are as strong as possible.