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Root Canal Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

tooth decay is painful, dangerous, and aggressive. If decay isn’t treated early, it breaks through the top layers of your teeth, known as enamel and dentin, to reach the inner pulp tissue. This causes uncomfortable symptoms, infection, and ultimately tooth loss.

The endodontic experts at Beck Pearce Dental perform root canal therapy to help patients save damaged and decaying teeth before tooth loss occurs.

A root canal procedure removes the infected pulp to relieve pain, stop the spread of infection, and preserve the natural structure of your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in Cincinnati
Root Canal Treatment in Mason, OH

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Don’t ignore the warning signs of oral health problems. The earlier that you ask your dentist for help, the faster you can recover.

Contact Beck Pearce Dental immediately if you are experiencing any of these signs:

  • Chronic tooth pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Swelling in your face or gums
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Persistent bad taste in your mouth

These are all common symptoms of tooth decay and infection. Depending on the level of severity, a root canal may be the best option to save your tooth.

What to Expect During a Root Canal

Most people assume that root canal therapy is painful and unpleasant, but the truth is that dental anesthesia makes the root canal process virtually painless.

After anesthesia is applied, your endodontist creates an access point in your damaged tooth to remove all tissue from the pulp chamber. The inside of the tooth is disinfected to remove all traces of infection.

Next, the tooth chamber is filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta percha that replaces dental tissue and keeps your tooth supported. Finally, the tooth is sealed and a crown is placed to restore the visible appearance of your tooth.

Most side effects are minor and only last a few days, so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy recovery process.

Endodontics Treatment in Cincinnati
Root Canal Treatment Near You

The Most Important Benefits of a
Root Canal

When tooth damage and decay become extreme, root canal therapy is the only way to save the natural structure of your tooth. The only alternative is tooth extraction, which requires tooth replacement in the future.

It’s much better to seek dental care immediately. Compared to extraction, tooth loss, and widespread infection, the benefits of root canal therapy are clear:

  • Improved comfort
  • Stronger oral health
  • Natural appearance

The experienced endodontic professionals at Beck Pearce Dental are here to help you save and restore your natural smile. We serve greater Cincinnati with unparalleled customer service and advanced technology.

Contact us at (513) 586-4045 to schedule your root canal procedure and learn more today.

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