Why Is Your Child in Dental Pain?

Nobody feels good when they hear their child complain of tooth pain. Unfortunately, when many parents hear their child complain about pain they
are not sure exactly what to do about it. Only when parents understand the symptoms of different types of dental issues can they step in and help.

Relief is available for children who experience tooth pain. Read on to learn about some of the different reasons why your child may be in pain.

Your Child Has a Cavity

A cavity results from tooth decay, which happens when bacteria finds a home in your child’s mouth. Cavities hurt so much because the decay exposes the tooth’s nerves to the surface. The pain can feel like an ache in response to something very hot or cold, or it may be a sharp and ongoing pain that persists for hours.

Fortunately, a dentist can treat cavities. If the cavity is caught small enough, the dentist can even save your child’s tooth. In these cases, the dentist may use a filling, but in other cases they may need to remove the entire tooth.

Your Child’s Filling Fell Out

Fillings are long-lasting, but they do occasionally fall out. When a filling falls out, it exposes the nerves of the teeth again, so your child may experience the same pain he or she had before dental treatment.

Unfortunately, fillings can fall out of your child’s mouth without anybody noticing. The good news is that the dentist can refill the hole, and it the process is typically shorter than the original filling since the necessary prep work has already been done.

Your Child Has an Abscessed Tooth
If your child has an abscess, he or she has an infection growing at the tooth’s root. The infection is caused by bacteria making its way inside the tooth. An abscess may develop if your child has not received necessary dental treatment or if decay has progressed too long. Not sure if your child has an abscess? Look for inflammation and pus developing around the tooth.

An abscessed tooth is very dangerous because the infection can spread throughout the body. For this reason, the dentist prescribes antibiotics and perhaps a root canal to remove permanent damage to the tooth.

Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Are Growing In

If you have pre-teen and teenaged children, you may hear them complain about pain in the back of their mouth. Their wisdom teeth could be to blame, as the growth of wisdom teeth causes pain, stiffness, and even swelling. You should be able to see the teeth grow in at the back of the mouth.

Some people need to have their wisdom teeth removed because they do not grow in properly. They may grow in at a different angle than they should, which means they push other teeth out of the way. A dental surgeon can assess and remove the wisdom teeth.

Your Child Is Injured

Every parent knows that children can get into a variety of predicaments that result in injury. Sports injuries commonly result in dental issues, including broken or chipped teeth or tooth loss. If your child complains about dental pain after a fall or blow to the face, look for signs of breaks, cracks, and bleeding.

Your Child Needs a Dental Exam
Regardless of why your child complains of dental pain, you need to book a dental appointment to address the issues. Treatment can often alleviate the pain immediately, but the first step is to put your child on a plan for excellent dental care for the future.

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